Electromagnetic radiation emitting devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, PDA’s, Computers, Tablets, Laptops and so on, have been linked to various stress-induced problems and serious illnesses.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cell phone radiation DOES harm your baby and may cause hyperactivity, study says

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Attention pregnant women: put down your cellphone.

Cellphone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers say.

Dr. Hugh Taylor, a medical professor and chief of Yale's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, co-authored a recent study to probe the impact of cellphone exposure on pregnancies.
Warning: Cellphone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers say 

We had pregnant mice in cages and we just simply put a cellphone on top of the cage.

In half the mice, the cellphone was active and in half of the ... cages the cellphone was turned off so it wasn't transmitting a signal at all,' Taylor said.
Taylor said the researchers allowed the mice to give birth and waited until offspring were young adults before behaviors were tested.

'The mice exposed to cellphones were more active,' Taylor said. 'Their memory was slightly decreased ... these mice were basically bouncing off the walls and didn't have a care in the world.'

New Study Reveals What 15 Minutes On Your Cell Phone Actually Does To Your Brain

A common trend in recent human history is this: we think something isn’t harmful, but find out it really is years after its introduction into the global marketplace. Cigarettes are the most obvious example, but the use of cell phones may very well become just as vilified.

We now live in an era where children born today are introduced to cell phones and other electronics almost instantly, and the very first cell phone generation is now reaching adulthood.

They haven’t been around long enough for us to see any harmful consequences fully materialize, but there is more than enough information out there validating what seem to be innumerable concerns over cellphone usage.

A recent clinical study was published in PLoS One which looks at this very issue. Titled “EEG Changes Due to Experimentally Induced 3g Mobile Phone Radiation,” it has revealed how cell phone technology disrupts brain activity in numerous ways. The study concluded that:

Significant radiation effects were found for the alpha, slowbeta  fastbeta, and gamma bands … The results support the notion that EEG alterations are associated with mobile phone usage and that the effect is dependent on site of placement. (source)

The study did mention that further studies are required to demonstrate the physiological relevance of these findings, but the fact that a cell phone can do this to one’s brain wave activity is alarming. These devices are powerful, and electrophysiological changes occurred in nearly the entire brain’s structure/function.

Even though it is now common knowledge that cell phone radiation is powerful enough to disrupt sensitive equipment within an airplane (think: airplane mode) or hospital, there is still resistance to acknowledging it may adversely affect the human brain, an electrical impulse sensitive organ. – Sayer Ji, Founder, Greenmedinfo.com 

The “resistance” does not make much sense, does it? Especially given the fact that multiple scientists from around the world have warned us, and continue to warn us about the dangers associated with cell phone usage and other commonly used electronic devices (laptops, desktops, etc.).

According to Dr. Devra Davis, director of the Centre for Environmental Oncology of UPCI, it is an irrefutable fact that “cell phone signals are absorbed deeply into the brain,” the longterm consequences of which are yet to be discovered. (source)

Scientists from around the world have even made an international appeal to the United Nations to consider the dangers of various electromagnetic emitting devices.

For example, HERE is a video from Dr. Martin Blank (part of the group of scientists mentioned in the above paragraph), Ph.D., from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University explaining these dangers.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also classified radio frequency fields (including those from cell phones) as a possible carcinogen in 2011. (source)  The dangers of cell phone use gained a lot of mainstream credibility in 2011 when the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that cell phone radiation may cause cancer. 

The statement was the result of a cumulative decision made by a team of 31 scientists from 14 different countries after reviewing the available evidence.

If you think about the young people in our world, it’s truly distressing to know that a child’s brain absorbs cell phone radiation more quickly than the brain of an adult.

15 minutes on your cell phone can alter brain structure and function

(NaturalNews) A new clinical study has found that just 15 minutes of cell phone talk time radiation exposure can alter the structure and function of the brain, including brain wave activity that is connected to cognition, mood and behavior.

Thirty-one healthy females took part in the study, published in PLOS ONE; all participants were measured twice. On one of the days, the mobile phone was attached to the women’s ears with a sham phone being placed on their chests.

On the other day, the mobile phone was attached to the chest and the sham phone to the ear. During each assessment, EEG activity and radio-frequency radiation were recorded.

Significant results when cell phone placed next to the ear

The study found significant results when the cell phone was placed next to the ear. The studies authors concluded that “the results support the notion that EEG alterations are associated with mobile phone usage and that the effect is dependent on site of placement.”

This is the first placebo-controlled, single-blind study of its kind to show that as little as 15 minutes of 3G cell phone exposure directly to the ear “is associated with increased activity of the alpha, beta, and gamma frequency bands in nearly every brain region.”

Far-reaching implications on health

The implications of this research are far reaching. Since brain waves are believed to determine behavior, altering brain wave activity could affect behavior and consciousness. The ability of cell phone radiation to affect behavior has been suspected for a long time.

Real estate agent Alan Marks suffered a seizure caused by a brain tumor located next to where he held his cell phone. He began to exhibit behavioral changes several years prior to the incident.

The behavioral changes were thought to be caused by the tumor developing in the part of the brain related to empathy and reason.

Previous research from the Brain Science Institute, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, found that cell phone radiation significantly boosted alpha waves in the brain.

Another study carried out by the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England found that, not only could cell phone radiation alter a person’s behavior during the call, but brain-wave patterns continued to be disrupted long afterwards. Some of the test subjects had difficulty falling asleep.

Fears about the health effects of 4G phones

Fourth generation (4G) cell phone technology is gaining in popularity rapidly; they rely on a standard that is part of the evolution of 3G. The advantage of 4G is that it offers users significantly increased data rates.

The downside is that this increased performance may come at a price to your health.
A 2013 study found that 30 minutes of exposure to 4G cell phone radiation may alter brain wave activity even more than the 3G technology observed in the present study.

The 4G radiation exposures were found to affect brain activity on both sides of the brain.

Why is it only now that we are hearing about the potentially lethal effects of cell phone radiation?

Many of the studies on cell phone exposure come up either null or inconclusive. Why is this? According to an independent study carried out by Dr. Andrew Marino, 87% of brain wave studies looking at the effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones are funded by the telecommunications industry.

Dr. Devra Davis in her book Disconnect lays the blame fairly and squarely at the telecoms industry, accusing them of war-gaming the science in much the same way that tobacco companies and GMO corporations like Monsanto do.

Facts About Radiation In Phones

Dr Charlie Teo (head of neurosurgery at Sydney St. Vincent’s Hospital) and other doctors believe that there is a direct correlation between the use of mobile phones and brain tumours.

Long term exposure affects the body, particularly its electrical organ, and the brain, which is compounded by numerous simultaneous exposures of continuous waves of radiation from radio, TV transmitter towers, cordless phones, power lines and wireless WIFI computing devices.

There is a significant and increasing body of evidence, to date at least eight comprehensive clinical studies internationally and one long-term meta-analysis for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours.

The “incubation time” may be in the order of 10-20 years. In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate length of follow-up time to begin to definitively observe the impact of this global technology on brain tumour incidence rates.

There is enough evidence available to warrant Industry and Governments alike to take immediate steps to reduce exposure of consumers to mobile phone related electromagnetic radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of the potential dangers and how to use this technology sensibly and safely.

The public health ramifications could be similar, if not greater than asbestos and smoking and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation.

Because of our concern, we searched the world to find an effective product to help harmonize the level of EMR and EMF being emitted from mobile telephones, computers, televisions, microwaves and other home and office systems.  We found these:

Tips on Safer Phone Usage

1. Do not sleep with mobile phone in your bedroom as it continuously emits phones give off 216.7 Hz of radiation continuously?

2. Always use your Mobile Cell iPhone on hands free or speak phone. Still not ideal, however, better than holding phone 5/8ths of an inch from your ear as all phone manufacturers recommend.

3. Cordless phones emit more radiation than mobiles; limit your time on the phone. The cordless phone base station is the equivalent to having a Cell Phone Tower in your home!

4. Do not store your iPhone or Smart phone anywhere on your body, such as in your suit pocket (over your heart), pants pocket (over your testicles) or back pocket (over you hip joints), and certainly not in the pram or anywhere near babies heads (as their thin skulls are way more susceptible to radiation). 
Keep your iPhone or Smart Phone in bag or place it into something.

5. Do not let young children play with your iPhone or Smart phone, or keep them occupied by talking or listening to them – not even the Games component unless there is no active SIM card or it is on Flight Mode.

6. Try not to use earpieces as they can act as a conduit to for radiation and EMF to travel directly to the ear and brain.

7. EMR and EMF has an accumulative effect on our bodies and become addictive. It is like smoking – try to be as aware as possible.
Showing Heat when with phone radiation to head

Cell phones radiation is making headlines again ...

Beginning today, potential cell phone buyers in Berkeley, California will be greeted by a salesperson and a warning concerning potential radiation exposure. 
Under the Right to Know ordinance passed unanimously by the Berkeley City Council back in May, cell phone retailers are required to inform consumers that by carrying a cell phone on your person (in your shirt pocket, pants, or bra), “You may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure.” 
The warning further states, “The potential risk is greater for children.”

Already, there are federal regulations in place meant to warn cell phone users of the limits of safe radiation that can be expected from normal cell phones and cell phone usage, but under this new set of guidelines, Berkeley lawmakers are heightening the level of concern surrounding mobile devices.
The science around cell phone radiation has long been a contentious subject — whereas some dismiss claims of cell phone dangers as unwarranted hysterics, others insist that the lack of testing when it comes to cell phones in close proximity with our bodies has stunted the amount of information available. 
According to Environmental Health Trust’s Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Robert Morris, “If industry does not want to advise people about the fact that phones are not tested next to the body, then they should get the FCC to change its requirements for radiation testing. 
They cannot do this because, if phones were tested next to the body, they would be found to emit too much radiation to pass current standards.”
Other studies have also suggested a link between radiation exposure from cell phone usage and certain types of brain cancer.

Still, the skeptics remain thoroughly unimpressed, and even the American Cancer Society has noted that cancer cases observed in people who carry cellphones may be coincidental or anecdotal
And as Dr. Jerrold T. Bushberg, a medical physicist and a professor of radiology and radiation oncology at the University of California, Davis, told the New York Times, “We’ve been looking for signs of adverse effects at low levels for over 50 years without success. 
We can’t say it’s impossible, but if there is a risk it would be very, very low, or we would have seen an increase in brain cancers.”

Proponents of the new Berkeley ordinance, however, say that they’re simply exercising extra caution — after all, the warnings aren’t impinging upon anyone’s right to buy a cellphone. 
As Dr. Morris stated, “Over the past twenty years, cell phone use has exploded to the point where it is almost universal, but we have limited understanding of the potential risk caused by these devices. This may well be the largest uncontrolled public health experiment in human history.”
Morris noted that the health risks were uncertain, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, part of the World Health Organization) determined that the radiation emitted by cell phones was a possible cause of cancer.

Morris concluded that until more definitive research was conducted, “… it seems prudent to reduce exposures, especially when doing so can involve something as simple as using headphones. Improving consumers’ access to warnings about potential risks, warnings that are already in the phones, is a no-brainer.”